recipe adapted from American Spoon 

granola from the store can be expensive, and often is really high in sugar and other additives. so for quite some time i've chosen to make mine at home. it is one of those really simple things that so many folks haven't even thought to try. so, i dare you - give it a shot with these exact ingredients. next time, mix it up! as long as you have the right amount of dry ingredients, it really doesn't matter much what you put in. i'm known to open the cupboard and use whatever nuts & dried fruit we have. if i'm feeling extra extravagant, i use cocoa nibs. and i almost never measure the spices -- any warm flavors will work just great! 



2 cups thick rolled oats 

1 cup rolled barley (or just add another cup of oats!) 

1 cup pepitas 

1 cup pecans 

1 cup unsweetened flake or shredded coconut 

1/4 cup dark brown sugar 

1 teaspoon salt 

1 teaspoon vietnamese cinnamon 

1 teaspoon ground ginger 

a few shavings of whole nutmeg (or a pinch of ground nutmeg) 

1/2 cup maple syrup (it has to be the real stuff) 

1/4 cup vegetable oil 

a cup or more of dried fruit - cherries and blueberries are my favorite! (optional) 



- in a big bowl (or in a stand mixer, which makes this incredibly easy), stir together all of the dry ingredients (except the dried fruit!) to evenly distribute the spices. 

- add the syrup and vegetable oil and give it a good stir until all the oats and nuts are evenly coated. 

- cover two baking sheets in parchment paper, and spread the mixture evenly divided between the two. 

- bake at 225 F for about one hour, or until golden brown, stirring every 15-20 minutes. i often bake mine for just under an hour, stirring after 20 minutes, 20 minutes, then 15. 

- let it cool on the pans, then sprinkle your dried fruit over the top. 

-transfer to a sealed container for storage (after nibbling a few handfuls). the recipe will fit perfectly into a half gallon ball jar! 


see, perfectly! 

see, perfectly!