Let's work together!

In this day and age, digital marketing plays a huge role in how businesses and organizations connect with their people and bring about success. Running a farm, restaurant, food business or non-profit requires an immense amount of energy, and marketing can sometimes fall to the side. I'm here to help!

With a deep understanding in what it takes to make it in the food economy, an eye for aesthetics as they relate to food and a deep knowledge of digital marketing - I'm a one-stop-shop for small businesses.

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Be it website content, blog posts, newsletters or anything else requiring a mastery of the written word - I can help get your message across in a way that fits your brand.


social media

We all know social media is important, but after a long day in the kitchen or the fields it's often the last thing we want to manage. I meet you where you are & help get the word out. 


Search Engine Optimization

The internet is a complicated word, full of jargon and technical knowledge - I understand how to increase the online visibility of your business so you don't have to!