Friends, it's been a seriously hot world in Portland the past week. With temps hitting 100 degrees one day, and hovering in the high 90s for a number of days, I've basically avoided turning my stove or oven on for more than 10 minutes a day. It's just too hot in our little air conditioning-less apartment! There have been endless salad dinners, refreshing sparkling water, constantly running fans, and a much needed cool-off lying in a cool mountain river. Plus, this wonderfully refreshing drink that is designed to have you feeling a little better about life when the heat hits your part of the world - here's to summer, folks! 

This drink starts with silver rum, a hint of lemon simple syrup, and lime La Croix sparkling water, and finishes off with a hearty splash of White Rose Spirits from Thomas & Sons - adding an incredible botanical depth to the flavor of this drink. 

Thomas & Sons Distillery in Portland has quickly become one of my favorites for their totally unique spirits distilled at a low temperature from sweetened tea. This unique process makes for liqueurs that are packed with flavor and perfect for mixing up special concoctions at home! 

Keep cool out there, folks! 

Citrus Rose Spritzer

note: as are most drinks, this one is flexible! decrease the simple syrup if you want a drier drink and add a little lemon or lime juice. Add a little less sparkling water if you like a stiffer drink - it's up to you! 

1 oz silver rum 

.5 oz lemon simple syrup  (I used Sonoma Syrup Co's Meyer Lemon Simple Syrup)

1oz white rose spirits  (from Thomas & Sons Distillery

6oz lime La Croix (or another lime sparking water) 

  • Combine rum, lemon simple syrup, and rose spirits in the bottom of a glass and stir to combine. 
  • Add ice and sparkling water, and enjoy! 
  • If you want to make this for a crowd, I would suggest pre mixing the rum, simple syrup, and rose spirits. Then just pour with fresh sparking water as you go! 



Disclaimer: I have received free product or money from businesses highlighted in this article - which helps me keep this blog alive. I take great pride in the advice I share here on Toot Sweet, and would never recommend a product to you that I'm not over-the-moon excited about, or that I wouldn't purchase for use in my own kitchen.