Did ya'll know that March is almost over? March! It's officially spring, time has sprung forward, and Portland is singing with flowers, birds, and days that are a little less gray! There's even been hints of blue skies, and days warm enough to forget about socks. Yes, please! 

Spring is a season that always seems to sneak up on me. I always know that it's arriving of course, but I forget how much joy spring brings to my days. Those first feelings of warmth on a sunny day and the world coming back to life have the ability to completely reenergize my soul. And here in Portland, spring comes early and in an absolutely amazing way! 

Over the weekend, we went out to Smith Rock State Park for a little sleeping under the stars, full days of hiking, and a little trip to Bend. It's a magical slice of the world, and I'd definitely recommend visiting if you're ever remotely near-by! Getting back into our tent, and spending warm dry days on the trail were a great way to get us excited about another summer of outdoor adventures in the west! 

Portland being a rather tree-filled city means that spring brings not only flowers, but incredibly blossoming trees. This shot is from a Sunday work-bee at our neighborhood public orchard managed by the Portland Fruit Tree Project. Since we don't have a garden of our own here in the city, we love getting involved with this awesome organization and spending some time in their orchards! 

 I hope these links bring some joy to your spring days, and smiles when you sit down to a meal with your family or friends! 


Overnight Yeasted Waffles (from The Kitchn) :  Yeasted waffles are a totally magical way to have a stress-free breakfast, because you do much of the work the night before. Come morning, just cook your waffles and you're ready to go! We made this classic version for a weekend breakfast, and I recommend you do too. 

Salted Peanut Butter Cookies (from Smitten Kitchen) : I haven't made this recipe yet, but it's been on my radar for quite some time, and I'm a big believer in Deb over at the Smitten Kitchen, so I'm sure this one won't disappoint! 

Thai Yellow Curry (from Veg Recipes of India) :  Thai food is a regular occurence in this house, as my babes absolutely loves making curry paste from scratch. Years ago, I made curry on a regular basis but always relied on store bought curry paste. One meal of homemade, and I was a HUGE convert. Green and Massaman curries are our regulars, but I wanted to try a yellow curry this week, and it was a total success. You'll likely have to get to the store to find the ingredients for the paste but once you have the paste, what goes in the actual dish is up to you!  


Adrift in Wallacea on Indonesia's Worst Boat : My sweet friend Jesse Lewis wrote this piece about this adventures traveling through the spice islands where Alfred Russell Wallace discovered the process of evolution at the same time as Charles Darwin. 

A Better Tomato, A Better Tomorrow : The folks breeding plants and controlling the seed stock that is available for sale throughout the world have a much bigger impact on the food we eat than you might imagine. For a long time, most of these folks were breeding plants for traits of better logistics. This is the story of breeding for flavor, and the great things that can come from better flavor in our ingredients!