Come the depths of winter, one of my absolute favorite things to do is spend some time curled up under a blanket looking at photos from the warmer seasons. These images bring to life the feeling of sun on my face and remind me that the change of seasons is coming... eventually. Now, I'm definitely not one of those people who totally despises winter and counts down the days until it'll be gone until next year. I love the winter (though admittedly less here in Portland where I have to drive to get a good dose of snow), but that doesn't make me immune from a good mid-winter break remembering the warmth of the sun! 

So as we move our way into February, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some images from a few glorious blue skied days last spring. I was out shooting a few projects for Taste the Local Difference that included taking time to drive around Leelanau County and photograph the blossom season. My absolute favorite thing about northwest Michigan's cherry growing culture is definitely the feeling of a beautiful spring day in the country surrounded by those all encompassing white blossoms. If you haven't taken the time to walk through an orchard in blossom, please do someday. It's absolutely glorious! 

Am I right? 

In 2016, I'll be bringing you a (at least) monthly installment of some of my favorite photographs on a given subject. Some of them may be food related, and some of them less so. No matter what they're of - I guarantee they'll bring a little joy into your life!