2016 is quickly becoming a year of new developments both for myself and for the Toot Sweet blog, so today I'm brining you the first installment of another monthly post-style.

A few weeks ago, I shared a post full of photos  as the first of my new monthly photography-focused posts aimed at sharing some of the work I'm doing outside of recipe-development for the blog. This week, I'm starting my monthly roundup of favorite recipes and articles from around the web. These posts will be comin' at you the third Saturday morning of each month, just in time for lazy weekend reading and kitchen project-ing! 

It's a crazy peek into the endless tabs found open on my browser, and recipes dotting my to-make list! I hope this carefully curated list of links brings some joy to your weekend : ) 

For your Table: 

Lady & Pups' Cruffins: Lady & Pup's really outdid herself in writing this recipe, which I absolutely had to try the minute I read it. A cruffin is where the croissant meets the muffin, packing those irresistible buttery flakes into the shape of a muffin. And Lady & Pups makes it all happen using a pasta roller.  I invited a friend over, and we had the absolute best time "finger-painting with butter" as we dubbed the step in which you rub softened butter over thin layers of dough to create that killer flake. It's a totally new cooking process, and sure to bring a smile to your face! My Babe's thinks we should have a flake-off competition in which I make these, he makes his killer croissants, and we see who finishes first - but no matter the result, this recipe is totally worth trying! 

Paella in the making! 

Paella in the making! 

Saveur's Paella with Chorizo, Chicken, and Shrimp: You guys! Paella is a cinch to make at home, and makes an absolutely satisfying meal on a rainy February night in Portland. We whipped up this recipe (more or less), substituting an extra helping of shrimp for the chicken and packed away the extras in the freezer for another day. My absolute favorite thing about making a big pot of something crave-worthy! 

Tasty Yummy's Almond Coconut Chocolate Bites: I haven't made these just yet (and maybe one day you'll see my own version here on Toot Sweet), but Babes has a guilty pleasure of Mounds bars, and these bites may just be the perfect way to satisfy that craving in a less processed way. I'm confident this recipe will lead you to something magical if chocolate, almonds, and coconut are your thing. But lets be honest, who doesn't love that combination?! 

Not Without Salt's Toasty OatsThis one hasn't been made yet either, but Ashley Rodriguez's recipes have not once failed me to this day, and the nutty flavor of toasted oats seems like the perfect way to brighten any morning! Surely these will be gracing my table before too long, and might I recommend them for a hearty yet special breakfast this weekend! 


For your Mind: 

Eater discussing the food history behind Beyonce's latest: It would be hard to have missed the blow-up surrounding Beyonce's latest single, Formation, and her performance of it at the Super Bowl. While I generally go for folkier music, the queen is my favorite pop star, and I loved reading this piece about some of the food history surrounding the lyrics of her latest anthem. 

Some words about my hometown, from Ann Patchett & The New York Times: Since this is my first time writing a post of this sort, I couldn't help but include this oldie but goodie favorite of mine. Ann Patchet has been a favorite author since reading her book Bel Canto for a high school literature class, so when she wrote a glowing story about the town where I grew up - I couldn't have been happier. I re-read this piece at least once a year... more when I'm not living in Northern Michigan and missing those crystal blue waters and endless fruit stands. Her and I both share a love for the best bookstore in the world, McLean & Eakin