these black beans are lovingly known as crack beans to myself and my closest friends. they are perfectly flavorful and incredibly versatile, a favorite to most who have tried them! i like to make a big batch on Sunday and eat them for lunch throughout the week. 

there are SO many delicious ways to enjoy crack beans, from in a bowl with nothing more than a few slices of avocado and some cilantro to in burritos, nachos, or quesidillas. here they're pictured in a simple burrito with roasted sweet potatoes, a bit of cheese, and some lettuce. yum! 

3.5 cups cooked black beans 

about 4 cups vegetable broth  

1 pinch oregano  

3 pinches dried sage  

1 bay leaf  

1 onion, chopped  

3 cloves garlic  

1 bell pepper, sliced thinly 

1 poblano pepper (option, awesome if you like some spice)  

1-2 Tbsp chipotle  

1 Tbsp cumin  

1 Tbsp rice vinegar  

.25 cup orange juice  

1 Tbsp lime juice 

salt to taste 

optional: 1 cob of corn, with kernels removed  

  • heat a bit of oil over medium heat in the bottom of a large heavy bottomed pot. add the onions, peppers, and garlic. cook, stirring occasionally, until onions are browned. add cumin and chipotle and stir for a minute or so - until your kitchen smells nice and spicy. 
  • add beans, vegetable broth, oregano, bay leaf, and sage to the mixture. simmer uncovered until thickened. it will take about an hour, and is so worth it! 
  • once thick, add half of the orange juice and salt it to taste. let the orange juice cook down until all the liquid is cooked off.  
  • add the rest of the orange juice, rice vinegar, lime juice, and corn (if using). stir until combined and dig in!