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ginger nutty granola clusters


ginger nutty granola clusters

Granola is my go to breakfast when we have it in the cupboard (and my babe's go to as well!) so I try to bake my own on a regular basis. It's generally cheaper, lower in sugar, and more delicious this way! So now that the weather is cooling, I can't help but pop a tray in the oven whenever we're running low. 

Ginger Granola Clusters

Now, the serious specialness about this granola recipe in particular... the major clumping! I've been working on making clumpy granola for quite some time and I've finally mastered it with this recipe! There is really nothing quite as awesome as chowing down on giant clusters of mapley oaty goodness. This granola comes out of the oven in one large chunk, easily broken into whatever size best suits your cravings. Easy peasy! 

So! What are you waiting for? It's time to get some seriously awesome homemade granola clusters in your oven! Within an hour, you'll be big time snacking on these delicious treats! 


3 cups thick rolled oats 

1/4 cup flour (whole wheat or all purpose) 

1 cup hazelnuts (or other nuts!), coarsely chopped 

1/2 cup maple syrup 

1/4 cup vegetable oil 

2 tsp vanilla 

1 Tbsp fresh grated ginger 


  • Combine oats, hazelnuts, and flour in a large bowl, and stir until evenly combined. 
  • Add syrup, oil, vanilla, and ginger and stir again until the liquid is evenly distributed throughout the oats and nuts 
  • Cover a baking sheet (or two, depending on the size you use) with parchment or a silicone baking sheet. Spread granola mixture onto baking sheet and flatten with your spatula into a tightly packed layer, about 1/2 inch thick. 
  • Bake at 300 degrees for about 45 minutes, or until the granola is lightly browned. 
  • Let the granola cool in the pan completely, then gently lift the granola off the pan and break into pieces. It should be a (mostly!) solid piece in the pan so you can break the chunks off in whatever size you please! 
  • Store in an airtight container.