started toot sweet to share my love of local food made with real ingredients with the world - through photography, writing, social media, and more! I'm here to make things easier (and a little more beautiful) for businesses, organizations, and people! Take a peek below to see what types of projects I generally take on. If you don’t see what you had in mind, but think I might be a good fit for your project, feel free to get in touch. I’m always looking for new challenges to take on! 

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christina marbury


Photography Services


When I shoot portraits, it isn't just about what I think will look nice - it's a collaboration so we can best represent who you are! I love to photograph people in the places where they feel most comfortable - homes, the woods, wherever! 


As you can probably tell, I have a thing for food. that passion shines through when I'm photographing good eats. Whether I'm photographing your menu items, food product, cookbook, or farm - I'm sure you'll love the results! 



i'm a sucker for candid shots, and therefore love to seek out the amazing moments that happen at every event, from festivals to weddings and everything in between. 

Writing, social media, & more! 

Writing - Be it writing copy for your website, newsletter, blog, or something else all together, I would love to help. 

Social Media - I can manage your social media accounts for you, or help you set up successful accounts and teach you to make the most of social media marketing. 

Newsletter Marketing - Can't find the time to write a newsletter but know you need one to stay connected to your customers? I'm here to help! 

Recipe Development - Looking for a recipe featuring an ingredient you produce? I'm happy to work together with you to create the perfect thing, be it super simple or totally decadent. This can include photography of the recipe as well.